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To begin with you will be presented with the dashboard page - click on the 'book appointment' button.


Click the highlighted Pink box next to Grooming Appointment.

Click the highlighted Pink box next to Grooming Appointment.


This will bring up the services page - Select your dog breed from the drop down menu.


This will bring up the availability page which displays all available appointments. Select your preferred time & date. 


Now you just need to confirm your details. Please enter you dogs name in the notes field. A debit or credit card is required to book an appointment but no deposit is required or money taken.


The reason a card is required for booking is to avoid no shows. We just ask for 24h notice if an appointment needs to be cancelled. No shows have a big impact on a small business and we always have customers waiting on any cancellations who would take these appointments.


The last part once entered all your details is to tick the two check boxes then hit the 'Book appointment' button.


You will then get your appointment confirmation.


Once registered you will automatically have a profile created which you will be able to access by signing in with a code sent to you on your registered phone number.


Within your profile you will be able to view all booked future bookings as well as past bookings and also choose preferred method of communication - All bookings will be automatically sent confirmations and reminders to registered mobile number and email or both.

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